Coaching & Mentorship

I never chased becoming a mentor or a coach outside of my companies. It started with former employees wanting to keep a mentorship relationship, and that eventually expanded into more people around these topics: software engineering, leadership and high performance. My approach, worldwide experience and knowledge work best with people who:

  • Are from underrepresented minorities.
  • Have a non-traditional story.
  • Have beaten a unique path to their current position.
  • Are scaling early stage startups.
  • Are trying to break into the tech industry.
  • Are obsessed with human potential.

I work with a combined approach blending:

  1. Mentoring: sharing my perspective based on my experience and skillset.
  2. Coaching: helping arrive at answers through dialogue and open questions.
  3. Sponsoring: endorsing and helping obtain high-visibility opportunities.

Want to work together? Apply here.

I also do mentorship through Lambda School. For now, this mentorship is restricted to people in San Francisco, California and you have to be enrolled into Lambda.